Diversity & Immigration

District 2 has long welcomed immigrants and fostered a diverse community. Jorge's dedication to diversity–as demonstrated by his trip to meet with members of the Senate and House of Representatives to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and discuss the benefits of diverse communities–has made preserving the diversity and unity of District 2 one of Jorge's foremost priorities.

In order to maintain this inclusive community, Jorge wants to put an emphasis on diversity programming and plans to:

Increase cultural sensitivity training; and

Expand diversity programs.

First, cultural sensitivity training is crucial to hosting a neighborhood that is tolerant and accepting of people of different races, genders, religions, and nationalities. The training will also allow residents and employers to learn more about people with disabilities and can learn how to be better neighbors to the diverse body of residents of District 2. 

Second, there are garden spaces and budgets in place that allow for diversity programs like language learning programs, community fairs, displays of art, and other cultural events. Jorge wants to pair this with a focus on publicizing and enforcing anti-discrimination laws and facilitating education about and the obtainment of green cards and visas. This will ensure that our community continues to have a valuable and diverse group of connected individuals. In this way we can learn about our neighbors' cultures and languages. 

These are two of the biggest priorities in the conservation of the sanctity of New York City. Protecting District 2's historic appreciation of diversity allows for our community to come together and thrive as a unified body of constituents.  

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