Environment & Rodents

Jorge has been a passionate advocate for environmental issues in District 2. He has focused his concerns particularly on the growing rat population that has not been addressed in past administrations.

Under the umbrella of important environmental issues, Jorge's concentrations are:

Eliminating the rat population;

Reducing food waste; and

Removing harmful chemicals and minerals from public places and houses.

In order to address the rat population of District 2, Jorge plans to ensure that calls to elected officials are addressed promptly and with real, visible action. This will return District 2 to a neighborhood in which children can play on the sidewalks in the summer and enjoy the safe and clean blocks on which they live. 

Reduction of food waste in District 2 is dependent on the ability of people to compost, of food rescue programs like City Harvest, or food services like City Meals on Wheels. As city councilperson, Jorge will ensure that all of these are available to the residents of District 2 using community-based health organizations.

Another pressing matter is the presence of lead and asbestos in public buildings and housing. The links between lead in pipes and water supply, and health issues have been demonstrated, and now it is time to act. We must eliminate all traces of these old building materials in favor new, clean materials in the buildings in which our residents spend so much of their time. The city is in the midst of removing these harmful chemicals from public schools, but we must make sure that it doesn't end there, and in fact, goes on to protect us at home and in public places.

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