As an advocate and public interest housing attorney, Jorge has exclusively represented tenants in disputes that threaten their very existence in the community. 

Throughout his career Jorge has also been involved with tenant rights organizations, advocating for their fundamental rights in the face of rich developers and discriminatory landlords.

Jorge understands that two of the most important issues to address are;

Affordability and;


First, rapidly rising rents relative to people's income must be checked by with programs such as Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) and Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE). Jorge also staunchly advocates for increasing accessibility of Housing Vouchers such as Section 8 and the LINC program.

Second, prejudicial treatment of senior citizens and individuals with disabilities cannot continue. Jorge is committed to properly enforcing the 7A Management Program in order to allot more power to individuals and improve their quality of life. This will hold the landlords and the city accountable for the rights of individuals which have already been established on paper.

For too long City Hall has been playing politics with residents' homes and livelihoods.

Jorge Vasquez has the experience and the passion to defend residents against unscrupulous landlords and big developers. He understands the law not only in theory, but in practice where it continually fails.