As a housing and public interest attorney, Jorge has years of experience fighting for the housing rights of New York City residents. Jorge wants to continue this and increase his impact by fighting for:

  • Programs like the Senior Citizens Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) and the Disability Rental Increase Exemption (DRIE);
  • Low Income Housing and increasing the rental voucher amounts per family;
  • Disability accessibility in NYCHA facilities; and
  • Proper enforcement of the 7A Management Program.   

Small Businesses 

Small businesses are an essential and sentimental issue for Jorge. As a City Council member for District 2, Jorge will advocate to:

  • Provide multilingual training for small business owners to become certified with the Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise certification program;
  • Provide small business owners and entrepreneur’s with legal training on business organizations, and legal compliance; 
  • Provide financial and literacy training for future entrepreneur’s; and 
  • Support organizations empowering entrepreneurialism within the community.

Criminal Justice Reform

With the controversy of Rikers Island and a history of unnecessary police brutality, criminal justice reform has become one of the most important issues to New York City. As a city council member, Jorge would:

  • Help to pass the Right to Know Act;
  • Emphasize and increase training for police officers in crisis intervention; and
  • Invest in neighborhood-based crime prevention strategies that change the communities by addressing community norms and local hot spots.

Health & Seniors

Jorge is invested in protecting the rights of all of his constituents and making sure that residents of all ages have access to the healthcare that they deserve. He is prepared to:

  • Inform the public about their rights to health insurance;
  • Advocate to ensure multilingual and LGBTQ senior centers and organizations are properly funded; and
  • Stipulate that Access-A-Ride services be equally distributed throughout the city.

Environment & Rodents

The heart of our city–our homes and our small businesses–depend on the cleanliness and safety of our community. In order to preserve this, Jorge will:

  • Support community gardens including almost 50 on the lower east side and the Gardens Rising project;
  • Eliminate harmful lead in public pipes and water supply; and
  • Remove rat infestations and prevent new occurrences to make District 2 more.

Diversity & Immigration

Diversity has always been important to Jorge, which is why before law school graduation, Jorge went to Washington, D.C. with fellow members of the Hispanic National Bar Association to meet with members of the Senate and House of Representatives and advocate for comprehensive immigration reform, and discuss the benefits of diverse communities. Continuing this trend, Jorge is ready to:

  • Inform residents about their rights and facilitate education about green cards and visas;
  • Advocate to increase cultural sensitivity trainings, and diversity programs; and
  • Advocate to ensure New York City continues to be a sanctuary city.

Civil Rights

The preservation of the civil rights of all residents of District 2 is crucial for the maintenance of our District's unity. Jorge plans to: 

  • Advocate for the rights of children and people of color to allow all NYC residents great and equal opportunities;
  • Advocate to improve language access for the residents of District 2 and greater NYC; and
  • Advocate against hate crimes.


Our neighborhoods are among the five most populous neighborhoods in New York City and yet, our access to transportation is abysmal. In order to ensure that our residents can commute to work more easily, Jorge will: 

  • Enforce express lanes to make commuting more efficient;
  • Increase and enhance the service of Select Bus Service; and
  • Stipulate that Access-A-Ride services be equally distributed throughout the city.


Jorge is committed to making education a positive experience for all children in District 2 and NYC as a whole. In order to support better education policy and practice, Jorge supports:

  • The increased class and racial integration of public schools through streamlined admission pilot programs;
  • The addition of more schools to mitigate overcrowding in schools and oversized classes; and
  • Increasing the access and ease of students with disabilities, English language learners, and students in temporary housing.