Small Businesses

Jorge is deeply connected to the small businesses of District 2. His grandfather opened two small businesses (Hilda's Grocery and Elsa's Candy Store) when he migrated to New York after serving in the Korean War. Jorge's first job was in elementary school bagging groceries at C-Town. From a young age, Jorge has known that when small businesses thrive, communities thriveEntrepreneurship has always been the core of what makes District 2 so great.

Over the past decade, small businesses have been rapidly closing their doors. Luxury housing has pushed out our neighbors, our culture, and our community. Jorge knows that the success of small businesses is intertwined with the success of almost everything in the district.

The two key issues that that must be addressed are;

The Small Business Survival Act and;


First,  it is unacceptable that the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA)  has not even made it off the floor of City Hall. The SBJSA must be passed and enforced. In the past, the New York City Council has used legislation as self-promotion rather than real action to improve our city. This must change.

Second, fairness and equity must be a central component of the dialogue between City Hall and small businesses. Multilingual training for small businesses is necessary so owners can become certified with the Minority and Women owned Business Enterprise Certificate Program. Further programs must be introduced such as those to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with legal training on finance, management, and compliance with the law.

When small businesses close, crime rates increase, unemployment rises, and the economy suffers. Small businesses protect us and it is our duty to protect them.

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