Jorge has lived in this District through the introduction of MetroCard Vending Machines, articulated buses and the Select Bus Service. It is essential to the quality of life and the convenience of residents that the system of transportation allows for efficient and cost-effective transport throughout the district and to other parts of the city. 

In order to ensure more accessible public transportation to and from District 2, Jorge recognizes that there are two specific issues to undertake:

Select Bus Service; and


First, to improve the conditions of the Select Bus Service (SBS), it is imperative that New York enforce the use of express lanes dedicated to expedite bus routes. It is also important that the SBS system is expanded and enhanced so that residents in areas that the SBS doesn't yet reach can access other parts of the city with the efficiency that the SBS promises.

Secondly, in order to allow residents with disabilities to have the same rights and privileges to travel around the city, Access-A-Ride services must be equally distributed throughout the city. This expansion will provide all individuals with disabilities equal transportation opportunities.

These issues must be addressed in order to allow the residents of District 2 the ability to engage with the rest of the city. By making these issues a priority, Jorge will ensure that residents can engage with the incredible resources that surround them in District 2 and across New York City.



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